Estate Planning Consultation

Our Estate Planning Consultants look carefully at your individual circumstances and make a personal diagnosis of your situation. They will provide you with estate planning advice and the bespoke solutions necessary to help protect your estate and ensure your assets are passed to your loved ones.

Without professional Estate Planning in place your heirs may inherit debts, tax bills and be left fighting over how your assets should be divided.

Estate planning doesn't have to be complicated and making / writing a Will can mitigate the majority of these factors.

If your circumstances are more complicated protective trusts can be established to assist in protection of your future wealth, protecting your hard earned assets from risks such as bankruptcy, divorce and potential care costs which may be payable in the future.

How can I find out more about Estate Planning?

Contact us or If you'd rather speak to someone about your individual circumstances then please call us on 01473 760761 and we can book you in for a chat with one of our friendly and professional advisers.

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