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Written by Paul Golding – Cirrus Legacy

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 Saving in the Digital Cloud

Saving in a Digital World

Digital savings continue to increase as more and more people use online sites for their consumer and business needs. Online savings accounts have become so prevalent that many customers have opted for digital-only accounts, leaving paper transactions behind. In addition to banking, travel sites help people save instantly on the spot by booking online. Restaurants offer discounts when customers buy online gift certificates, and an array of websites offer discount and coupon codes, for savings on groceries, electronics, and more.

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Preserving your business assets for your family

 business umbrella

It is not uncommon for my blog posts to be inspired by real-life situations that I encounter whilst carrying out my role as an Estate Planning Consultant for Mind at Rest Wills. Today’s post was inspired by a recent visit I made to client’s that were concerned about what would happen to their business in the event of death and aims to cover the topic of “Family Business Protection”.

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Today we are pleased to welcome back guest contributor Paul Golding from our Digital Will partners. Paul is the creator of Cirrus Legacy and we are very happy that he has once again, agreed to guest post on our blog.
 money under bed

Has a new meaning . . .

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Today we are pleased to welcome guest contributor Paul Golding from our Digital Will partners, Paul is the creator of Cirrus Legacy and we are very happy that he has agreed to guest post on our blog.

Money Under the Bed? It’s History

 money under bed

30th May 2013: By Paul Golding (Cirrus Legacy)  Cirrus Legacy

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How can you manage your personal affairs after death digitally?

Tarryn Rothstein

The process of dealing with a loved one’s estate is difficult and complicated, legally, practically and emotionally. Today we are pleased to welcome guest contributor Tarryn Rothstein from Arranging Your Affairs Ltd. Tarryn shares with us, about how her sister’s tragic death spurred her to create a service that helps people prepare for just this eventuality…

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Mind at Rest Wills digital cloud

What is a Digital Legacy?

You may or may not already be aware of the growing discussion surrounding the topic of Digital Legacies, for those of you who are not yet up to speed, your digital legacy is the digital footprint you are leaving online in the “Cloud” and your digital footprint is continuing to grow.

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Mind at Rest Wills – Response To Lord Chancellors Will Writing Activities Regulatory Decision

On the 14 / 05 / 2013 The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Chris Grayling MP. Issued a response to the Legal Service Boards final report issued on 13 / 02 / 2013. An article on the FT adviser website explains more about the decision click here to read. The Lord Chancellor has decided against regulating Will Writing activities. The Lord Chancellor believes that voluntary codes and consumer education could resolve the issues referred to in the Legal service Boards report.

Our response to this decision is as follows:-

Whilst we are slightly surprised with the Lord Chancellors decision, as we fully expected our industry to be regulated and still believe that this will indeed happen in the future. It is possible that Mr Grayling was taking into consideration the additional regulation related costs involved for companies such as ourselves and that he may be concerned that to some degree the additional costs involved would have to be passed on to our clients.

Whilst the decision does mean that Mind at Rest Wills are not currently required to be a member of a regulatory body. In light of the fact that we expected regulation would be put in place, we have already put procedures in place to ensure we would be ready for regulation.

These procedures include but are not limited to, providing our clients with :-

1) Terms of business.
2) Right to Cancel (7 day cooling off period).
3) A full receipt for services purchased.
4) Fact sheets and Technical sheets to ensure that our clients are educated about Wills and Estate Planning.
5) Provision of Draft Wills for checking purposes prior to issue of Final Fully Legal Will & Trust Documentation.
6) Professional indemnity insurance, covering potential liability to clients up-to £2,500,000
7) A complaints procedure.

We therefore believe we are already compliant with voluntary codes with the service that we provide.

We will continue to work with our compliance, training and indemnity partners “The Right Will” along with our legal partners, who are STEP authorised practitioners, to ensure that the recommendations and advice we give is suited to each individual client. Our company owner Jason Cherrington said “We always put customer service first and this will continue to be the case, every one of our clients circumstances are different, we will continue to provide a free initial consultation to prospective clients so that they have the opportunity to gather information on a no obligation basis and then make an informed decision”


In the absence of regulation we will continue to offer our services to our clients providing a high quality of service standards with every case. we will also continue with our training and compliance monitoring so that we will always be ready for regulation if and when it finally arrives.

 Support the Dying Matters Awareness Week 2013

Mind at Rest Wills – Support the Dying Matters Awareness Week 2013




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For Release 18/04/2013Mind at Rest Wills Announces Availability of P.A.D™

Announcing Availability of

Personal Affairs Document

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