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Will Writing & Estate Planning Services

So you will always know how much our services will cost from the outset. Below is a list of our charges for Fixed Fee Professional Will Writing Services.

Wills & Trusts

Fixed Fee
Simple Single Will   £ 130.00
Simple Mirror Will’s (Pair)   £ 210.00
Severance of Joint Tenancy (E & W)   £ 120.00
Single Will Trust**   £ 220.00
Will Trusts (Pair)**   £ 395.00


** The fees quoted above for the creation of Will Trusts are in addition to the fee for Simple Wills.

For example:

The fee for a couple who require Mirror Wills and Mirror Will Trusts would be £605.
The fee for a single person who requires a Single Will and a Single Will Trust would be £350.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

Fixed Fee
(LPA) for Property & Financial Affairs   £ 290.00
(LPA) for Health & Welfare   £ 290.00


The above product list is not exhaustive as we can assist you with many areas of your post-death and lifetime planning. Some more detailed Estate Planning services will be needed to be quoted on a case by case basis so please feel free to contact us via our Contact Form if you require further clarification. Or a no-obligation quote.

For more detailed info on the above services please refer to Our Services Page

Document Amendment & Reprinting fee £45

Prior to creating the original document/s, draft document/s are always be provided. In order for a client primarily check for spelling and grammatical errors. Once this has been checked and confirmed as correct, final original document/s will then be produced.

After the Final document/s have been produced, the additional fee would be charged per document for any alterations. This is to cover the administration cost of reproducing and posting the document/s.

It is therefore very important that draft documents are fully checked as correct by each individual client before giving the go-ahead on final document production.