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Today we are pleased to welcome back guest contributor Paul Golding from our Digital Will partners. Paul is the creator of Cirrus Legacy and we are very happy that he has once again, agreed to guest post on our blog.
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Has a new meaning . . .


18th June 2013: By Paul Golding (Cirrus Legacy)  Cirrus Legacy

With the immediate results that online activities bring us, such as instant access to songs, social media interactions in real-time, and photo sharing. Many people are living in the here-and-now, without too much thought into the future.

Yet, our future is being set each time we log into those social media sites or download another song to our music collection. The meaning of legacy has changed forever with the advent of the Internet. Memories and cherished items that have easily gotten lost in the past, such as old letters or tattered photographs, have left many families with only word-of-mouth stories. However, the meaning of legacy has now changed for the better, and with a little dedication and efforts, we now have the ability to preserve memories and safely store them forever.

Legacy Expands to the Internet

While once upon a time people had to actually go into a store to develop photos, the majority photos are now taken with digital cameras and phones. Old family photos are being scanned and stored online, preserved for generations to come. Online photo albums have over 250 billion photos combined, making it one of the most popular forms of online legacy preservation today. In addition, journals, diaries, artwork, and home videos have all been transformed into digital prizes that can be enjoyed for many generations to come. With just a click of a mouse button, legacies can be seen instantly.

Protecting Your Legacy

With the creation of digitalisation, what once used to be physically handed down can now be securely stored online. It’s important, however, to protect these memories and ensure that it remains in your family forever. This is the exact reason digital legacy companies have emerged. According to Marc Weber, of the Computer History Museum, our legacies need to remain active in order to act. In other words, we need to put forth more effort in preserving our legacies.

“If you don’t copy them regularly, they simply disappear. If we’re not careful, our period could end up as a bit of a Dark Age. Everyone is putting material into digital formats, but not putting much effort into preserving it,” Weber told New Scientist magazine.

Protecting your legacy, however, has never been easier. At Cirrus Legacy, we understand how precious memories are and understand what it takes to keep those memories alive. At the same time, we want to ensure that only the people that you entrust your legacy to have access to your accounts. Memories are meant to last forever, and online memories can as long as you have a dedicated legacy guardian to protect your history.

Unfortunately, if your legacy ends up in the wrong hands, it runs the risk of being altered significantly. Cirrus Legacy allows you and only you to choose who handles your online documents, whether it be preserving videos and photos, updating and protecting your social network accounts, managing your online banking, and much more. It’s never too early to start preserving your legacy for the many generations to come. Be certain to check out our different membership packages and choose one that’s right for you.

Cirrus Legacy offers protection to your assets that otherwise can’t be protected should you leave cash lying hidden around the house. While it’s true that you can still appoint a legacy guardian to handle your hidden cash. The risks that come along leaving cash unsecured outweigh the safety of securing your funds in an online e-commerce account or financial institution.