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Is Customer Service Dead?

As a consumer purchasing products or services. I often stop to ask myself this question especially when dealing with the larger corporate organisations of this world. Sadly in a lot of cases, the answer is yes!

It is sad when the pressure of surviving into today’s economic climate means that organisations feel the need to strip their business model down in order to cut costs. However, I strongly believe the lack of focus on the importance of best in class customer service has been growing for years. And is not just a result of our recent credit crunch.

After all, it’s often about keeping shareholders happy. When in fact the focus should always be on the customer who is our lifeblood.

Look at any job site out there advertising for customer service positions and you will often see the salary levels offered indicate the level of priority given to the area of customer service.

But it doesn’t have to be this way

By focusing on best in class customer service you can maintain client retention and gain referrals. Let’s face it, it’s hard to get new customers on board, why do so many people overlook what’s on their doorstep?

I recently received a recommendation from a family member for the services of a local garage. I followed up on this and used the services of this company. They were really good and I, in turn, have recommended them to others. I have calculated that the initial recommendation has generated no less than 7 new customers for this company in as many weeks.

The approach I apply with all dealings I have with customers is called the no news approach. This simply means you contact your customer with an update even if there has been no movement for whatever reason.

“That’s a waste of time I hear you cry” well I am sorry to say you are missing the point. Think of a time in your life where you became angry or frustrated due to poor communication. In most cases, the frustration is caused not because there had been a problem or hold up. But because no one had bothered to keep the customer informed of the situation.

How much better would a customer feel knowing that the people they had entrusted their business to. Cared about keeping them up to date at all times. After all, you place your business with an organisation in order to release your time to focus on the things that you as an individual or organisation excel at.

The saying in this situation often goes “If you want something done properly do it yourself”. For me, customer service is all about doing the job properly for my customer. It’s just good old-fashioned business etiquette.

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