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Written by Paul Golding from Cirrus Legacy

Edited by Jason Cherrington Mind at Rest Wills

 Cirrus Cloud
We are very pleased indeed to welcome back one of our popular guest posters, Paul Golding from Cirrus legacy. Paul has been working closely with Jason, senior estate planning consultant at Mind at Rest Wills, helping to keep people updated on the new growing need for a greater understanding of whats happening in the online cloud we all call the internet.
Nowadays, people need to not only consider traditional wills and estate planning methods for their real-world assets but also need to look closer at protecting their digital assets held within the cloud.

In today’s post-Paul shares with us how one cloud, in particular, inspired him. Over to you Paul…….

As the clouds move effortlessly in the blue skies, we can see their beauty. There exists a catalogue of cloud formations, explaining their forms and dynamics from a scientific point of view, and there are hundreds of ‘species’ of clouds. For more information and understanding take a look at this Cloud Types

Here at Cirrus Legacy, we love the natural world, in all its glory and majesty, and have sat and watched the clouds pass by our afternoon windows, were inspired by the soft beauty of the formation of the Cirrus cloud.

This was named in the 18th century as part of an identification and classification process, and based upon a word of Latin derivation, meaning – ‘curl of hair’, and when you see the soft and wispy, high and distant clouds there is something to be understood by the terminology, they seem to pass by, generally un-noticed, as we see them as bearing no precursor to rain or storms. When we see cirrus clouds in the sky – all is well!

There is a new phenomenon in the world of clouds, where the science of the digital world encounters the beautiful world of natures clouds, and this is simply called ‘the cloud’.

Our cloud here – Cirrus Legacy – exists to serve you. To be here when you need it. Always awake, and always ready for you.

A friendly, consistent and considerate company, whose heads are not ‘in the clouds’, but are dedicated to preserving your digital legacy. The store for your digital assets is held, securely in trust for you – a simple sign up will entitle you to our free service – available instantly for your peace of mind.

Another thought on clouds –They are seen all over the world, and every sighted person has seen clouds, they are pervasive, and in this digital age, ‘the cloud’ is growing in its significance and this implies the need to know. There is a need to prepare and ready for all eventualities, including the inevitability of death, just as the clouds will continue their journey around the world, as the world turns in its graceful path around the Sun, so too will Cirrus Legacy continue to protect your digital assets for you.

All over the world, digital storage is being gathered up, and taken away from your hard drive, and held in the cloud, this will accelerate, and reasonably soon, as all software (other than the operating system) will also be held in the cloud – this will speed up the electro-mechanics of your computer, as it will release the working systems to be able to function only as an interface.

As this progresses, the access to your digital legacy will be held, away from your computer, meaning… that without Cirrus Legacy, it will be potentially challenging for anyone needs to
access your online accounts after your death.

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