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 Coffin Question MarkThere may be a time when for whatever reason that you decide you wish to exclude someone from your Will.

In order to achieve this, a Deliberate Exclusion clause can be included in your Will as part of your requests and wishes.

By adding a Deliberate Exclusion to your Will. You can make it very clear that you did not wish a specific person or persons to benefit from the proceeds of your estate when you are gone.

Example of Deliberate Exclusion in a Will

I have deliberately excluded (name of Person) from this my Will and it is my intention that the said (name of person) should receive no part of my Estate.

Why add an Exclusion to your Will

Almost anybody can contest a Will in the UK and the most frequent reason for a Will being contested is on the basis that the person who is contesting the Will was left out as a beneficiary by accident as an oversight.

By Adding this clause/statement to your Will it makes clear the testator (person making the Will) intentions clear and provides your Executors (the people carrying out your wishes) with evidence to confirm that the exclusion was not an oversight and was in fact intentional.

Deliberate Exclusion Summary

Whatever the reason you have for deliberately excluding someone from your Will. It is important to make it clear both in the Will as discussed above. and in addition to this by creating a separate letter of explanation that is then stored with the Will (never attach anything to a Will only store with it).

The letter should explain in as much detail as possible, the reason for excluding the person or persons from your Will. The letter would then act as further evidence proving this was your wish, should your Will be contested/challenged.

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