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For Release 09/04/2013Mind at Rest Wills Announces Availability of

Mind at Rest Wills Announces Availability of

digital legacy

Cirrus Digital Legacy

Ipswich— 09/04/2013 — Today, Mind at Rest Wills is very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Cirrus Digital legacy through its partnership with Cirrus, enabling new and existing clients to protect their digital assets.

Cirrus Legacy lets you to take control of your digital life – both now and when you die. Keep track of your Email accounts, Online banking, eBay, PayPal, Amazon, Web hosting and more. Decide what happens to them and who you entrust to look after them, in just a few clicks. said Jason Cherrington, Estate Planning Consultant at Mind at Rest Wills.


Cirrus digital Legacy is now available from Mind at Rest Wills. We have been able to secure a special discount for our customers, and can provide support for our customers who wish to take advantage of this discount, further product info on Cirrus Digital Legacy can be found at www.mindatrest.co.uk/digital-legacy & http://www.cirruslegacy.com
For information on the discount and how Mind at Rest Wills can support you please contact us here http://www.mindatrest.co.uk/contact

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Mind at Rest Wills Ipswich is a local and national Will Writing Services company. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to put your mind at rest ensuring your assets and loved ones are protected through the use of professional Will Writing and Estate Planning Services…

For more information contact:

Jason Cherrington
01473 760761
http://www.mindatrest.co.uk/digital-legacy or www.mindatrest.co.uk