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Mind At Rest Professional WillsIn the past there were few options available for someone wanting to Write a Will, the majority assumed that in order to make a Will. They would need to either use a Solicitor or speak with their Bank.

Family solicitors tend to deal with a wide range of client matters, for example, house conveyancing, divorce matters, civil injunctions etc. Whilst they can also produce Wills and Trusts they cannot be expected to specialise in all these areas.

Likewise, Banks also offer a broad range of services. For example, Mortgages, Loans, Investments, Insurance etc, and cannot be expected to specialise in the area of Wills or Estate planning services.

An option more commonly chosen nowadays is to use a Specialist Will Writer who specialises only in the area of Wills and Estate Planning.

Specialist Professional Will Writers can offer a much more personal service. Often being able to provide consultations at the clients’ home and at their convenience.

One option that some people have used is DIY Will Kits to create a homemade Will. However when it comes to making your Will, having it professional drafted and written is paramount to avoid any costly mistakes.

So Why Not Write Your Own Will?

Good question, the fact is that anyone over the age of eighteen can write a Will, there is no need to consult a professional or obtain advice of any kind.

In deciding to make a ‘homemade’ Will you will no doubt want to spend some time researching the subject to make sure that you get it right. This process is likely to be both confusing and time-consuming which will normally result in only providing the information for you to make a very basic Will.

As a result of this problems can often arise if there is any ambiguity in the wording of the homemade (DIY) Will.

Any ambiguity in the Will can leave it open to being contested. Often Wills are contested by friends or family members who feel that they are entitled to a share in the estate even though you intentionally left them out of your Will.

Why Choose To Pay A Professional Will Writer?

There are many reasons for having a Will prepared by a Professional Will Writing Service.

Most people are not prepared to write their own Will in case they leave out something important or in case their intentions are misinterpreted leading to family feuds after they die.

Professional Will Writers concentrate entirely on aspects of Will Writing and Estate Planning providing a more expert service.

In the past some Wills have been vigorously challenged, in each case, a ruling has been made to interpret the intended meaning of the wording of the Will.

One of the most significant features that set apart a professionally drafted Will from a homemade Will is that Professional Will Writers create clauses within a Will that have the correct structure and phraseology.

These clauses have been accepted in the past and go a long way towards writing a ‘watertight’ Will that cannot be misinterpreted if contested.


If your wishes in the event of death are very simple, a (DIY) Homemade Will may do the job. But ask yourself with a single Will costing around £120 and Mirror Wills £190, is it really worth the risk of your loved ones not receiving what you wanted them to?

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