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digital Will

digital Will

For more information.on protecting your Digital Legacy download the Cirrus Legacy brochure, or continue reading this page.

What is a Digital Legacy?

A Digital Legacy is the footprint you are leaving online in the “Cloud” and like it or not your digital footprint is growing.

You might be surprised about how much of your information is already available for people to view online. For example have you tried typing your name into a Google Search and seeing what results comes back.

You can read more about the subject of digital inheritance in our blog post How Do You Manage Your Digital Legacy

In order to help our clients protect their digital footprint, we have partnered with the leading provider of Digital Legacy solution’s in the UK, Cirrus Legacy.

Cirrus provide the final piece of the estate planning jigsaw, a piece that is often overlooked but is becoming more crucial every single day as we continue to access more of our data online and have no one central point of tracking the extent at which our digital world is growing.

Cirrus Legacy lets you to take control of your digital life – both now and when you die. Keep track of your email accounts, online banking, eBay, PayPal, Amazon, web hosting and more. Decide what happens to them and who you entrust to look after them, in just a few clicks.

Get the latest Digital Will information from the Cirrus Legacy information brochure..

A One time Membership Account is available to you through us

A One-time Membership Account is available to you through us, by redeeming our discount code of MAR001 when you sign up at the cirrus membership page

This One time membership account gives you a safe place for your online accounts, user names and passwords, you can upload any documents you’d like to keep protected (100MB) and choose unlimited ‘guardians’ to carry out your wishes when you die.

Why choose it?

A single one off payment gives you a secure and convenient place to control your online assets during your life and afterwards with unlimited accounts, Unlimited guardians and 100MB storage.

What do you have on the internet?

You may have email accounts, Facebook, PayPal, online banking, web hosting, gaming and shopping accounts. The list goes on. Most of us do not make plans for our ‘digital inheritance’ when we die. So our loved ones are left trying to make sense of it all, and attempting to gain access in order to save, transfer, cancel or close accounts.

That’s where a digital legacy comes in. It’s a secure place to keep track of all your online accounts. And you can choose what happens to them all when you die – protecting your personal privacy and making things easy for those you leave behind.

In a few simple clicks you can:

  • Keep track of your accounts and passwords
  • Decide what happens to each one when you’re gone
  • Upload important files to keep them safe and secure
  • Choose a guardian(s) to carry out your wishes

No doubt you have spent a lot of money on your digital assets, don’t let them die with you!!

You may want some things to be passed to your loved ones and you may want others to disappear. With Cirrus, you decide. You can even choose someone to take care of it all for you. We call them digital legacy ‘guardians’,

Mind At Rest Wills feel it’s important where possible to fully ring-fence your Estate, as mentioned above like it or not your estate includes the Digital Assets you are accumulating online in the cloud.

With this in mind we have been able to secure a competitive discount from Cirrus Legacy for our clients to make it easier for them to protect their Digital Legacies.

Protected and secure

For Cirrus keeping your information safe is their no.1 priority. That’s why they have chosen their security partners very carefully.

Their partners are best-in-class internet security companies, renowned for their watertight methods and reliability.

Cirrus Legacy meet the highest published government standards, with all communications secured with optimal levels of encryption, and their website is scanned daily for vulnerability. Your digital legacy data is held and backed up in multiple secure data centers.

All that’s left for you to do is:

  • Keep your Cirrus Legacy password secret and safe
  • Don’t use your browser to remember your password
  • Keep your operating system and anti-virus software up-to-date

We offer our clients on-going support for the opening and running of their Cirrus account, to get in touch, simply fill in our Contact Form and a Consultant will give you a call to talk about the Cirrus Account.