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Don't delay, put your mind at rest today!

Planning your own funeral may not be the most cheery of thoughts. But it can be very comforting to know your funeral is taken care of. And that once in place you will have put your mind at rest that you won’t be a burden to your family or friends at an emotionally upsetting and difficult time.

Why Choose a Pre Paid Funeral Plan?

Planning and paying for your funeral is one of the most thoughtful things you can do to help those close to you cope with bereavement. Why not Buy A Funeral Plan Today and get on with living your life?

Through our partnership with Safe Hands Funeral Plans. We can offer you a unique straightforward, cost-effective way to pay for the funeral you want.

A Pre Paid funeral plan ensures that you can relax knowing you have fixed payments and protection against inflation. Meaning your monthly payments will never go up and neither will your funeral director’s costs.

Key Features of our Pre Paid Funeral Plans

  • Lower monthly payments than many other plans
  • Monthly payments are fixed and will not increase
  • Protection against inflation and rising funeral costs
  • Guaranteed acceptance – no medical or health checks

How this Plan protects you against rising costs

You don’t need us to tell you that everything seems to go up in price every year. Unfortunately, it’s just the same with funeral costs. Recent research puts the average cost of a UK funeral at £3,284 an increase of 71% in eight years, this is far higher than the general rate of inflation.

If this trend continues, the average cost of a funeral in 2020 will be over £5,600. The good news is because this Plan prepays your agreed funeral services at today’s costs you are unaffected by any future price rises.

As long as your monthly instalments are paid up to date. There should be nothing extra to pay for the funeral director’s services stipulated in your plan when the time comes. No matter how much prices have continued to rise.

A real alternative to saving for your funeral

A plan like this can offer a better financial option than putting money in a savings account to pay for future funeral costs. Since 2000, funeral costs have soared but interest paid on savings accounts has remained very low.

The amount of money, which would have paid for a funeral back then, plus the small amount of interest earned over the years, would not cover the cost of an average funeral today. Your family would be left with a substantial extra amount to find, quite apart from having to access your saving

Choose a plan to suit you

We have a plan to suit you from paying upfront to interest-free monthly payments, why not take a look at our Dedicated Funeral Plan Website where you can compare the different types of plans available.

You can even Apply for a Pre Paid Funeral Plan Online today

If you like to talk further with one of our consultants call us on 01473 760761 or use our Funeral Plan Enquiry Form