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Why Do I Need To Make A Will?

A Will protects your loved ones

A Will is the only way to ensure your assets pass to those you wish to benefit. If you have no Will the laws of intestacy apply and the courts will decide where your assets go. (Intestacy or dying intestate means dying without a Will).

If You Don’t Make A Will

  • You cannot be sure those you would wish to benefit will actually do so.
  • Your partner will not automatically inherit ALL of your estate.
  • “Common Law” partners may not receive anything.
  • Minor children could be taken into care whilst Guardians are appointed.
  • there could be lengthy delays for your beneficiaries and disputes.

The vast majority of people put off making a Will for a variety of reasons. The reality is that you can put off making a Will until it is too late. Having no Will poses all sorts of problems for the people left behind and could mean that your inheritance either goes to the wrong person or to the state through the laws of intestacy.

How Can I find Out More About Making A Will?

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