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How Do I Cancel A Lasting Power Of Attorney?

 Estate Planning FAQ Book

If you currently have a Lasting Power of Attorney registered with the office of the Public Guardian and there have been changes in your circumstances or wishes, for example you no longer wish the attorneys you named to act should you lose the mental capacity to manage your own affairs.

Then you will need to Revoke the Lasting Power of Attorney by sending a deed of revocation to the office of the public guardian.

Will Writing & Estate Planning Jargon Buster

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Confused About Will Writing and Estate Planning Terminology?

In order to help you through the maze of Will Writing and Estate Planning technical Terms, Mind At Rest Wills have put together an A to Z glossary of the most common legal terms used in writing your Wills and Trusts, we hope you find it useful.

Storing Your Will

 Storage Vault

The decision on how and where to store your Will is as important as the initial decision you made to instruct your Will and wishes to be written in the first place and it is a decision that you should not delay in making.

Ideally your Estate Planning Consultant, or Solicitor would have brought this to your attention at the beginning of your discussions but if this is not the case and your Wills and Trust's documents are just sitting in a draw somewhere you need to act now.

Who Looks After Your Children When You Die?

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If you have made a Will and have children under the age of 18, you would have nominated Guardians for you children and these are the people you are entrusting the care and legal guardianship of your children in the event of your death.

If you die without making a Will you die intestate and English law applies to both the estate and any children under the age of 18 that you leave behind. Normally the law allows for the custody of any children under 18 to pass to any surviving parent.

Add Making A Will To Your To-Do List!

 To-Do List

Blunt as it may sound, if your putting off making a Will, planning on getting round to it at some stage, be aware that this could be both costly and detrimental to the ones you love.

There may be many genuine reasons why you are putting off making your Will, for example you may just not like thinking about your own mortality, you may be extremely busy with other elements of your life, always having the idea in the back of your mind planning to get around to it one day but you never seem to get there.

A Digital Will For Your Eyes Only

 Digital Eye

I recently had an enquiry from a Mind at Rest Wills client regarding the best way to approach storing and preserving a single digital file that was only to be opened by one nominated person in the event of thier death. Hence the name of this post.

Now because the file in question was in digital format, it soon became very clear that a standard real world Will, would not do the job and different areas needed to be explored in order to meet my clients needs.

What is a Notary Public?

 Estate Planning FAQ Book

If a member of your family has recently died whilst owning assets such as overseas property and they did not make a Will in the country their property is located in.

It is very likely that in order for the appropriate overseas authorities to be able to transact with you, they need to be sure that the documentary evidence you are giving them is genuine.

Dying Without A Will

 Coffin Question Mark

Whilst everyone should make a Will statistics currently show that two out of every three people in the UK have yet to do so.

For whatever reason, putting off making your Will is a bad move.

Even those that have made a Will may have not put the correct Estate Planning in place to protect their children's and grandchildren's inheritance.

Dying without putting the correct Will and Estate Planning in place puts your home and assets at risk from the following scenarios.

Sale of A Home For Care Fees

Care Home Fees

According to insidegovernment.co.uk more than ten million people in the United Kingdom are currently aged over 65, and it is estimated that by 2035, the number of people aged 80 or older is projected to reach 3.6 million.

There are an increasing number of older adults with conditions such as dementia that require them to enter a care home in later life.

Severing A Joint Tenancy

 Deed of Severance

When you buy a property whether paying cash outright or with the help of a mortgage, the process of conveyancing takes place to convey the property into your ownership and register this with the Land Registry.

The Land Registry is the government department created in 1862 to register the ownership of land and property in England and Wales.

Types of Property Ownership

The three types of ownership that are commonly registered with the land registry are:-


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